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Birthdays, a cherished cornerstone of our existence, holds a special place in her heart. Kaneesha understood the innate desire to make each year's journey around the sun a little more dazzling, a little more unforgettable. And yet, she recognised the often overwhelming burden that event planning could become, dampening the spirit of celebration. This realisation birthed 123 Party – a haven where jubilation and ease entwined.

123 Party isn't just about streamers and balloons; it is about crafting experiences that flow effortlessly, like a well-choreographed dance. With meticulous precision, the brand curates not just decorations, but also a journey to joy.

Services Provided

Logo Design, Visual Identity, Sonic Identity


Trinidad & Tobago, W.I


123 Party




In a world brimming with moments worth celebrating, Kaneesha Primus discovered a passion that transcended mere enjoyment – the art of creating memories that lingered like the echoes of laughter. A fervent believer that life's milestones deserve more than mundane celebrations, she embarked on a journey to turn every event into a canvas of colors, laughter, and lasting happiness.

123 Party

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