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Office of the Attorney General, Saint Kitts & Nevis; door signage

Office Of The Attorney General

Services Provided

Creative Consultation & Campaign Design


Saint Kitts & Nevis




Team Unity (Political Party)


A balance between truth and fairness.

The image of a scale has, for over a millennia, been represented or known to be associated with justice. This visual representation of the judicial system’s intent to seek truth and display fairness can be dated back to the great halls of the Roman empire. A symbol that stood the test of time and is unrivalled in its representation of justice.

When we were charged with creating a mark for the Office of The Attorney General, St Kitts & Nevis, we wanted to create something that felt commonplace but polished enough to live in a modern world. We knew the mark needed to command respect/recognition as a government entity, more so as the highest legal office in the country.

A moment where all things are equal, where impartiality ceases to exist, equal opportunity begins, and the only path to justice is through the tension of the scale. This metaphor for Justice was the driving force behind the concept and execution of this mark.

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