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Pritchard Global Alliance, TTO

Services Provided

Brand Strategy & Brand Identity


Atlanta, USA


Pritchard Global Alliance




In the bustling cities of the United States of America, where worries and concerns often overshadow daily life, a beacon of reassurance has emerged.

Pritchard Global Alliance (PGA) is a leading commercial security, asset protection, on-site maintenance & management services provider.

PGA provides a range of protection, maintenance and management services transparently, allowing clients to experience satisfaction and peace of mind.    

The Values of Family, a Value to the Community.

When the founder of PGA conceptualised the company, he believed it would be of great utility to the community to have an organization that holds steadfast to the values of the Pritchard household.

Core values such as Loyalty, Humility, Integrity, Reliability, Innovation and Growth (each-one-teach-one) drive the day-to-day operations of the company.

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