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Creative Consultation & Campaign Design


Saint Kitts & Nevis




Team Unity (Political Party)


May 2020; The Team Unity government faced the tough decision of dealing with the imminent 2020 General Election. On the 18th of May 2020, Dr The Hon. Timothy Harris made an election announcement in his address to the country, citing that there should be no suspension of democracy, even in a pandemic.

General Election & Award Winning Campaign.

In the middle of a pandemic, a general election during a state of emergency was one of the most challenging prospects the ruling coalition government had to deal with during their first term of governance.

This unique problem required a unique solution, which saw the Team Unity government attempt the first-ever virtual election campaign in the region. A campaign that didn't abandon the traditional approach to election campaigning altogether but made tweaks and took it to a virtual space.

Constituency meetings became Youtube & Facebook live streams; rallies became social media posts, hashtags & stories. Programming focused on the central theme "Securing the future" made its way to citizens through traditional mediums; newspaper ads, TV shows, radio broadcasts and other highly visible & strategically placed print media.

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