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The Sugarplum

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Brand Strategy & Brand Identity


Saudi Arabia




The Sugarplum Blog


In a world where age, income, and geography often shape the boundaries of health and well-being, a vision emerged - a vision that transcended these confines and united people in their pursuit of optimal vitality.

More Than A Blog

At its core, The Sugarplum is more than a blog; it's a vibrant mosaic of voices, experiences, and aspirations. Dr. Kathy Sienko RN, O.B.E., a visionary Trinbagonian native who calls Saudi Arabia home, laid the foundation for this transformative platform. As the Executive Director for Nursing Affairs at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, she brings unparalleled expertise and passion to The Sugarplum's mission.


A term steeped in love and nostalgia, both a warm nickname and a cherished delicacy. Like this evocative term, The Sugarplum encompasses all with open arms, regardless of background or location. It's a reminder that wellness connects us all, much like the sweet memories we treasure.

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