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Tech for the People

Services Provided

Visual Identity System


New York City, USA


Tech For The People




Covid-19 has somewhat redefined the relationship between technology and people. Technology has always been around, created for human use, however, is it really FOR THE PEOPLE?

Technology products and organisations geared towards shaping the future are being created without conversations around the impact on people.

There is a need for tactical methods for people to leverage their power for impact. TFTP’s main focus continues to be about cultivating a more inclusive, empathetic and socially responsive technology sector.

The rudimentary becomes sophisticated. We set out to create a visual representation for the earliest forms of technology. Ultimately we decided that a circle was that visual, which was the start of a fascinating mark.
DATA Input 01 - TIME

By dissecting this shape and rearranging the individual parts, we arrived at a second shape, then a third, fourth and fifth; all derived from a simple circle. What was more interesting is that the shape only became more complex as we went through the exploration.

This is a direct representation of the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE

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