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Sustainable Tourism Conference 2024

Updated: May 1

Grenada, West Indies.

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Design Consultancy, Event Branding, Motion Design


Grenada, West Indies 🇬🇩


Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)



Feather Flags, Five Pillars for Sustainable Tourism


The Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development, popularly known as the Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC), is the Caribbean region's premier event for high-level networking and regional dialogue on sustainable tourism development and provides a platform for tourism policymakers, private sector stakeholders, thought leaders and strategic partners, to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities confronting the future of Caribbean tourism.

The 2024 conference spotlighted the essential pillars for fostering a transformational and regenerative legacy under the theme 'The 5 Ps for a Legacy of Caribbean Tourism Sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose & Partnership'.

Snorkelling At Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada
STC24 Five Pillars

Conference Design & Motion

In crafting the visual identity for #STC24, we were deeply inspired by the Caribbean's natural and cultural spirit. Every design decision, from the bento grid's structural elegance to the vibrant flair of the selected brand colours, was a conscious step toward narrating the story of Caribbean resilience and regenerative promise.

The robust, confident strokes of Anton, used as the motif font for STC24, evoke the steadfast commitment of the conference to its foundational pillars. The use of the typeface 'Anton' is more than just a font selection; it is a statement, a declaration of the conference's bold steps towards sustainable change. The typeface' Inter', utilised for live displays and signage, offered a modern, accessible counterpart, ensuring legibility and a seamless flow of information. Its presence grounded the conference's communications in clarity, facilitating engagement and understanding among the attendees.

Canopy (#004F37), a deep green reminiscent of the rainforest canopies, reflects the dense, verdant landscapes that are as essential to the Caribbean identity as they are to the planet's lungs. This colour underpins the conference's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Reef (#00FF82), is a luminous green that captures the electrifying hues of the Caribbean Sea's coral reefs. It highlights the importance of marine conservation and the life beneath the waves.

Blu (#26A4FF) mirrors the expansive Caribbean sky and ocean, symbolising open-mindedness and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in sustainable tourism.

Lagoon (#00F4F7), a soft turquoise, is evocative of the shallow, clear waters where the Caribbean Sea meets sandy shores, invoking a sense of tranquillity and the delicate balance between tourism and nature.

Sand (#D2ECD7), a light seafoam green, conjures the pale sands of Caribbean beaches. It signifies the conference's softer development approach, which leaves a gentle footprint on the region's natural beauty.

Together, these elements formed a visual dialogue that championed the conference's aims, leaving a lasting impression of a legacy in the making.

STC24 Intro Slide/Event Name/Speaker Badge
Coffee Break Event Screen


The 2024 Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC) featured tourism policymakers, private sector stakeholders, thought leaders and strategic partners from over 25 CTO member countries.